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Shortly before the movement to Berlin in the year 2000, the Lord had spoken to them about starting a ministry but they were reluctant to take action as they were waiting for concrete instructions and directions from God. in very miraculous ways. the meanwhile they decided to join a local church, instead of just sitting and waiting, so they joined the CCOM (Christian Church Outreach Mission) Berlin where they both later became Sunday School teachers. They were both Sunday school teachers. Maureen also served as an interpreter and in the praise and worship team. In June 2001 that God spoke concretely to Bismarck while doing a holiday job at the BMW and he came home and shared the vision with the wife. They invited their pastor, Pastor Kingsley Nimo and his wife to their house for dinner and disclosed the vision to them. The Pastor took it well but asked them not to tell anyone else and to give him time to pray through. They obeyed and continued to serve in the church, CCOM Berlin, until after about 5 months later when the pastor became convinced that God was calling them and then willingly released them. They were called out and blessed and when their Bishop, Cosmas Ilechkuwu, the General Overseer and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Adeola Illechukwu came to Germany last year in November to ordain them as pastors and inaugurate the ministry, Pastor Nimo and his wife were equally present at the occasion.

The Church started like a mustard seed, with only, the family of Bismarck Mpieri and that of Daniel Chikezie who felt led by God to join them. Stanley Uzoma from the Nigerian Embassy also joined from day one as the first convert and gradually the Church began to grow. Initially, the church was having only Sunday services and all night prayers every Friday night.

Today, God has added many more souls and able workers and our weekly activities have now increased in strength and number. The church which started with only two families now sometimes counts more than a hundred and twenty (120) in a Sunday Service.

Everything about the origin of the church is a miracle. In every step, Bismarck and Maureen took time to pray and seek God face and even the name ‘Jesus’ Miracle Harvest Church’ was given by God. They cannot explain how they got to this stage. All they have been doing is seek God’s face and obey simple instructions from Him and watch Him do things HIMSELF. It is a misery to Bismarck, how he was able to single-handedly buy almost all the musical instruments (with the exception of the drums which were donated by Minister Bassey as God led him) with the little money he earned from a holiday job.

How the meeting venue was found is also a miracle. After searching in vain for a long time, Bismarck became tired and God told him one day to leave his house and go to Moritzplatz. He did and God directed him to the street ‘Stallschreiberstr. And led him into this building and into this hall. Initially, they requested for a huge amount of money as weekly rent but after prayers and assurance from God that this is the venue he Has chosen, he decided to obey and bear the consequences and miraculously the rent was drastically reduced to the extent that what we pay monthly became less that what was initially demanded as weekly rent.

The first wedding of the Church held on Was between Torsten Winkler and our beloved sister, Juliet Winkler né Isibor.

The first baby boy of the church, baby Daniel Toochukwu Chikezie was dedicated on September 2004 while the first baby girl, Esosa was dedicated on 24th 26th October 2004

Today again, we are having another baby dedication. The church has true to its name, proved to be a place of miracles and harvest of blessings. Time will fail us to enumerate all the miracles and blessings God has mercifully showered His people with, in this ministry.

The purpose of these narrations is not for a show but to portray how God right from the beginning ordered the lives and footsteps of these two people to bring them to this country to serve Him. Even the name Bismarck given to our pastor by his father at birth is the name of a great German Chancellor who made Germany a nation and brought about many positive changes, especially to the detriment of the less privileged, during his tenure. All these couldn’t have been mere coincidences. It is necessary for you to hear all these so that you can know that you are at the right place at this right time. These two people did not start a church because they felt like doing so. Theirs is a ministry borne out of God’s leading, direction, patient waiting upon God and obedience to both God and spiritual authorities. Till today, they are still submissive to their General Overseer, a great spiritual father who we are highly privileged to have in our midst today.

Saints of God, we are here to celebrate the 1st anniversary of this great church started by the great God. Let us all join hands together to continue to build this house of God for He will surely reward abundantly. Faithful is HE who has called us and who also will do it.




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